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Co-direction registration

Why a Co-direction?

A co-direction of a thesis allows the doctoral student to benefit from the expertise of an additional thesis supervisor.

A single registration

Unlike the joint PhD programme (Cotutelle), which involves a double registration of the doctoral student in two different Universities, the thesis co-direction involves only one enrolment at the University of Strasbourg. The University of Strasbourg only will award the title of Doctor following the defence.

Co-direction with two thesis co-supervisors attached to the University of Strasbourg

If the second thesis supervisor is a statutory member of a research unit at the University of Strasbourg, no further steps have to be taken.

The co-direction of the thesis must appear in the doctoral student's file at the latest before the end of the first year of doctorate.

International and National thesis co-direction (outside Unistra)

When one of the two co-supervisors is external to the University of Strasbourg, co-direction must be formalised in an agreement signed by both parties before the end of the first year of doctorate.

The co-supervisor can be a member either of a French University (natinalco-direction) or of a foreign University (international co-direction).

The thesis co-direction does not give rise to a double degree. he doctoral student enrolled in co-direction at the University of Strasbourg may only claim the diploma of doctor delivered by the University of Strasbourg.


    The international co-direction of thesis opens the right to apply for the EIFFEL scholarships.